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15 Mar

Virtual Reality in Classrooms and for Distance Learning

We at MBU embrace technology and innovation.

Education at MBU deals with technology and innovation, the ingredients to a successful career. Our school is technology advanced, and uses tools and sophisticated IT products to deliver content.

However, the peopleMBU Online Program Ad for Blog 3 at MBU bring you the knowledge you need in this competitive world. The MBU Executive in Residence Georges Guyon de Chemilly worked for 18 years at Apple, as CFO, HR Director, Corporate Secretary and Sales Director in Europe & Middle East. He lectures about Leadership and New Technology at Montreux Business University. The MBU Dean, Dr. Boeing, who has a very innovative research background as well, installed for all students the possibility to upload/download with the speed of 1 Gigabit per second from the internet. Dr. Boeing also believes that Virtual or Augmented Reality will become the standard in all classrooms within the next 10 years. The following lines he published on LinkedIn, where he has over 1’000 followers.zuckerberg-virtual-reality

Universities can no longer ignore technology and innovation, since the future generations will have the phones with VR Headsets in their pockets. The price-point of VR has finally reached the student community. I well remember as young researcher to test 3D 28 years ago, when I was part of ESPRIT, the EU project developing HDTV standards in the 1980’s, that my “technology environment” to test 3D was costing a whopping $300K++. Now, MBU has fitted all classrooms with Gigabit Wifi, 5G, and with download speed of 4GB/s we are perhaps the fastest private University in Switzerland. But this is just the beginning. Videotaping our Online courses with 360° cameras, we are expanding the Virtual Reality to classrooms. As Chris Milk explained in his talk  TED link, VR creates “empathy”, and this is a main missing link of distance learning versus vocational classroom education. Mark my words, it takes the world no longer than a couple of years and our Professors can lecture from any place in this world….provided they embrace and understand technology & innovation.

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