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14 Sep

The Power of Online Education

Nowadays in the era of developing technology and communication, the question of online education is very debatable. There are plenty of programs offered online but some people believe that online education is not a way to get an academic background, while others prefer online rather than standard on-campus education. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of emerging type of education?

It is not fair to say that online education is a new type. The technology is but the concept of distance learning goes back in times in Great Britain where approximately 170 years ago correspondence course was offered. The principle was very easy: professors were sending the lessons to the students and received back completed assignments by mail. Then, in 1960, the University of Illinois was offering distance learning via Intranet (before the Internet was created) where students could find course materials and recorded lectures. Since the Internet was invented and was developing every year, the distance learning methods were developing too, and nowadays it is the easiest way to get a degree or obtain knowledge and skills of chosen subject: people all over the world can complete variety of courses in different areas. However, people do not trust online education and believe that it is considered as groundless self-education and no employer will be interested in online degree holder. So, what are the advantages of online learning and are there any disadvantages?

The most important advantage of online education is the mobility. You can live wherever you want, you may even work or travel but at the same time you may study whatever you prefer, all you need is an internet connection and a bit of free time to spend on your assignments. Universities from all over the world offer wide range of academic programs – from certificates to doctorates available online in different fields.

Another important advantage of online learning is independence. When you complete your degree online, you are responsible for yourself. Of course, there are deadlines for assignments and exams set but it is up to you when and where you can read the material, write an essay or do a quiz or an exam. Actually, online learning teaches self-responsibility, self-management, time management and self-discipline. You are on your own without any observer and you have to find time and motivation to study. Furthermore, you are the one deciding which courses and how many courses you take each semester, and even the duration of your studies. It is all is up to you.

The other attractive advantage of online education is affordability. In comparison to standard on-campus learning, online learning is more affordable because there are less costs for universities therefore tuition fees for online programs are way less expensive. Moreover, students do not need to spend money on accommodation or transportation, since they can complete programs at their homes. Affordability of online leaning reveals wide range of opportunities for people from all over the world, there are no boundaries and limitations anymore.

Mobility, independence and affordability are main advantages making online learning attractive. There are more and more positive moments which strengthen online education comparing to standard on-campus. In the world of business, internet is a very powerful tool; a lot of interviews or meetings are done via Skype, professionals are always “online” which makes them being at the work place wherever they are, be it at an airport, local Starbucks or their offices. People in international companies may travel or just be sick at home but still have an opportunity to work, to compete tasks and projects or to be a part of team discussions. If the option “online” is so high valued in the world of business, why people think that online education is not worthwhile? Online learning is very valuable because we live in the 21st century, in the era of technologies and in today’s world there are no boundaries and limitations. There is no difference whether you listen to lectures in class half asleep or read them on your own when you have the time and energy to do so and what is more important, people obtaining degrees online are considered by employers as more disciplined, motivated and goal-oriented because they complete their studies without anyone to push them or motivate them; they motivate themselves. They know they need to get a degree and they are responsible for learning by themselves. If you are working, or have some issues with going abroad to get a degree, and if you are motivated enough — then online education is right for you.

According to our beliefs in the power and in the attractiveness of online education, MBU offers all its programs: BSc, MSc and MBA online. In addition to that, MBU has blended learning which is similar to online but the only difference is that students have to spend some time as standard on-campus students to pass they exams, attend corporate visits and seminars. If you already feel inspired and motivated to start your degree online, just click on the link or send us an email. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it: get your degree online at MBU! 

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