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16 May

NEW at MBU: Blended program

MBU has recently launched a new opportunity for students interested in getting Swiss high standard diploma and having difficulties with relocating abroad – Blended Program.

Blended program offers great opportunities and new possibilities for students from all around the world. The meaning of the program is very simple: you follow the course online from your home country and take exams locally at the campus of MBU Montreux Business University in Switzerland. Which means that even though you are doing your diploma online, you still have a chance to visit Switzerland, to experience exciting student atmosphere at MBU campus, and to enjoy beautiful city of Montreux and surroundings.

Here at MBU, we believe that blended program is a perfect fix of regular face-to-face and online learning. In other words, this newly launched program took the following advantages of regular learning such as personalisation, feedback, motivation, fluency&listening, relevance and, also, the advantages of online learning such as mobility, tracking&control, self-study, reduced costs and global reach.

According to the article The Benefits of Blended Learning (April Giarla, 2016), “Blended learning is important because it breaks down the traditional walls of teaching, ones that don’t work for all students and now with access to present day technologies and resources we can tailor the learning experience for each student. Blended learning also offers flexible time frames that can be personalized to each person, offering them the ability to learn at their own pace.

There are plenty of advantages for students using blended learning. First of all, blending learning prepares its students for real life sharing with them real-world experience transferred into real-life skills. For example, computer literacy, research skills, self-learning, and self-engagement skills obtained during studies help to develop and improve decision making skill and enlarge sense of responsibility which are very essential in todays business world.

To find out more about blended program specifications, tuition fees and etc. just visit our web-site or email us at info@mbuniversity.ch

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