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3 Jul

Montreux Jazz Festival: why so special?

Montreux Jazz Festival is upon us yet again, starting last weekend. For over 50 years, people from all around the world have been coming to Montreux to attend this event in the end of June – beginning of July. What is so special about this event and why is it known worldwide?

MJF is a musical event bringing together popular, rising and new artists of different styles — not only Jazz — and music lovers from all around Switzerland, Europe and even all around the world who are to attend incredible shows. By the way, there are a lot of different venues of MJF starting from 2M2C Music & Convention centre with huge stage to clubs and labs where the space is a bit smaller. Also, visitors may attend free concerts in parks or bars located in the area of MJF. Moreover, there are artists performing just in the street to entertain guests of Montreux Jazz Festival.

Even though Montreux Jazz Festival is considered to be devoted to the world of music, it is also about food and drinks. From year to year there are more and more different cuisines, different types of food, if you get hungry you can get anything from a simple sandwich or a burger to a steak or even try the national dish — fondue. Therefore, MJF is also considered to be street food festival. On top of all that, at every step there are bars and kiosks selling drinks that is why people tend to drink up while attending MJF. Beer is considered to be the main drink of the festival probably because one of the world known beer brands is a sponsor.

The other advantage and uncommon thing about Montreux Jazz Festival is timing. All MJF area including kiosks, bars, street food stands, cafes, labs, clubs is open until around 4 a.m. which is something very rare for Switzerland and Montreux. Montreux usually is a very calm city where all public places such as restaurants, cafes close around midnight and while they are still open it is strongly prohibited to make noise or to listen to music very loudly. That is why Montreux Jazz Festival is something extraordinary for local people, or people knowing the city beyond MJF times. However, city administration supports the festival therefore allows late working hours and noise at night, even buses in town are free during evening/nigh time and their service is extended until 5 a.m.

Montreux Jazz Festival is very famous event, people are coming on purpose to attend it from all around the world because of its own special atmosphere covering a beautiful city of Montreux for 15 days. If you are around or planning to be around Montreux – visit Montreux Jazz Festival and experience it yourself. The program of MJF 2017 you may check here.

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