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13 Jul

#meetMBUfaculty: Dr. Madina Kukenova

Dr. Madina Kukenova joined MBU in 2014. She holds a PhD in economics and a M.Sc. in Banking and Finance from the University of Lausanne. She also has an MBA diploma from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management and Strategic Research and a BA in Mathematics from the Kazakh State University. After her academic studies, she worked as a consultant for various projects of World Bank, International Trade Centre and World Trade Organisation. She also worked as a Senior Bank Advisor for Business Finance Consulting, a subcontractor of Asian Development Bank for the Trade Finance Program. Dr. Madina Kukenova is a CFA charter holder since 2002.

 Why did you decide to become a professor?

I always like studying; at some point I realized that I want to share my knowledge with others.

What is the most difficult part of being a professor?

To have students who are not motivated, sometimes it is very difficult to overcome their inertia.

What do you mostly like in this profession?

I like interactions with students; I like discussing with them different topics. There is always an exchange of ideas, views and knowledge, teaching is not a one sided process, I also learn a lot from students.

Aside from teaching, what is your professional background?

 I have been working as an independent consultant with World Bank and ITC. I have been working with my former classmates on independent research projects.

What are the advantages of teaching at MBU?

 I have been teaching at MBU already for 3 years, I get used to this school; I like people in administration who are always friendly and willing to help. I like students, majority of them are very nice and respectful. Given a small size of the school, we have an opportunity to learn our students  which helps teaching process. I feel myself respected and loved in this school, it was always pleasure for me to go here.

When you think of your student years and your professors at university, do you compare yourself to your profs?

Yes, I had several professors whom I adored being a student; they are not only good teachers but good people. They are my benchmark, I compare myself with them and often think how they would react if they were in my place.

Do you believe you are a good teacher?

I hope so, but it is better to ask my students.

How do you deal with “BAD” students?

There are no bad students; there are students who are not motivated. I try to talk with them, to understand them and motivate as much as I can.

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