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14 Apr

Feng Shui in Human Resources – An Exceptional Seminar

On June 10 MBU holds an exceptional seminar on Feng Shui in HR. Feng Shui is typically brought in connection with places, not people. However, we are bringing to Academia an old Taoist wisdom that it also applies to Human Resources. The Feng Shui Master Han from the well known Wu-Ji Academy will introduce to you the concept of Feng Shui and will explain the immanent connection of Feng Shui and humans. Use his insights to get a view on how Feng Shui can be used in Human Resources and increase effective collaboration among staff, create a harmonized environment and generally speaking, making your company a better place.

All participants will be given a detailed 24 pages Feng Shui Workbook.

Feng Shui in Human Resources

Who is invited?Wu Ji academyMBU & Wu Ji PartnershipFeng Shui Seminar Content
We have circulated the invitation to students, Professors, staff and Friends of MBU and expect a group of 20 interested to joining us. Master Han will be available for your personal questions and will find the time to deal with you on a personal basis. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Wu Ji academy is an established Feng Shui place which is located in Switzerland. The Wu Ji Academy has been founded by Master Han for the purpose of teaching and spreading Classical Feng Shui and other Taoist disciplines.The Wu Ji Academy provides a full education in Feng Shui, for those who want to learn, to improve or to become professional experts.
The Wu Ji Academy also offers training to understand and use Yi Jing (Taoist method of guidance) and Ba Zi (Taoist Astrology).
By his Taoist vocation , the Wu Ji Academy offers high-quality education in a comprehensive approach, incorporating both their theoretical and methodological aspects and their spiritual dimension.
The Wu Ji Academy is the only school in the world to provide a complete instruction in Classical Feng Shui, in the lineage of Taoist masters and with respect of their conduct and philosophy, in English, German and French.
The Wu Ji Academy is the only school of Feng Shui who dares to go beyond conventional teachings to help you explore the mystical origins of Feng Shui and its foundations, known as Kan Yu.
MBU – Montreux Business University is relatively new – we are founded in 2011, but already considered a leader in the private University landscape of Switzerland. The school is small and fits the requirements of delivering the highest quality in education combined with modern learning methods and sophisticated IT systems. In many aspects, we are #1 in the field of comparing ourselves with established and “old” Business School institutions since we are adaptive and quick to embrace modern technology. Our faculty is from many countries in the world – and typically non-Swiss. We have alumni of Harvard, INSEAD, Columbia, Duke, Oxford, and IMD to name a few of the established institutions who shaped our Professors. Our relatively young age and private status allows to hiring the top educators in this world without incurring legacy problems. New technology like immerse blended learning (this is our ONLINE offering) and Virtual Reality practice in classrooms are just the beginning and are reality at MBU. In a nutshell, you can compress the Vision and Mission of MBU to “make the student employable”, with the intend to have students finding their dream job. Perhaps they were inspired by us; carefully been led to the success ladder they looked for, or we simply unlocked the potential, however, we are very proud of our alumni.

The Wu Ji Academy is also the partner of the Chinese Institute of Feng Shui Culture (中國風水文化研究院) and is therefore officially recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Environment as guaranteeing the diffusion in Europe of authentic Feng Shui.
The Chinese government has established a regulatory framework for the practice and teaching of Feng Shui and Taoist sciences in order to restore the traditional disciplines and to ensure correct practical and dissemination, both in China and in the world.
Master Han was recognized as authentic Feng Shui Master by the competent Chinese authorities and the Wu Ji Academy as the only school in the West to spread a fair and consistent education.

What is Feng Shui?

– What do you think Feng Shui is?
– What Feng Shui is / is not
– More widespread than is believed
– Not exactly what is believed

A 3000 years old Taoist practice born and developed from observation and based on a mathematical, logical theory, requiring rigor and accuracy, taking into account many parameters.

What can Feng Shui do?

– Examples of good Feng Shui
– Examples of bad Feng Shui
– Applications of Feng Shui
– Purposes of applying Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Business Management

– A significant impact on HR
– The Feng Shui of the company
– The individual in the company
– The relations between individuals
– Where to start?
– What to do?

For further inquiries, you may contact MBU Administration at info@mbuniversity.ch +41 21 966 22 88 or use the form below.

Date: June 10th, 2016 (Friday)

The seminar runs from 10 am to 5 pm, also half-day participation is possible.

Location: MBU, 74, Avenue de Chillon, 1820 Montreux-Territet, Switzerland

Fees (includes snacks & beverages): CHF 88.88

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