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Research at the Montreux Business University seeks to advance the knowledge of business and management, the practice of management in the business world, as well as the learning and therefore the teaching of management. MBU research comprises two areas:

  • Business and Management Knowledge

At MBU faculty and students are keen on critically reviewing current organizational and business knowledge so as to explore and formulate new paradigms, concepts, theories, and models to inform best practices. MBU business and management education emphasizes creativity, innovation and leadership.

  • Business and Management Practice

Acting as consultants, MBU students and faculty collaborate with existing businesses to help them to better understand their problems and to implement solutions. In addition, the Center for Human Resources Management seeks to develop research in emotional intelligence and personal development.

Having acquired the fundamentals of research during their undergraduate years, students further enhance their skills throughout the graduate curriculum with the culmination of master theses and doctoral dissertations. Students are also encouraged to participate in various competitions in research and other business models.


Research at MBU is practiced from early on as it is embedded in the undergraduate curriculum. Students develop fundamental skills in designing and running innovative research in an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

The rationale underlining innovative research at MBU is that it must be relevant to the student’s educational needs and also practical. MBU research must yield information that students can readily use in their courses and later on in their professional life. Students also have access to the MBU online library with over 10 000 journals online.


Please see the latest publications of the MBU faculty members; click on their names to see their biographies and complete list of publications:

Dr. Winfried BOEING
Dr. Suha DAOU
Prof. Karen DRUCKMAN
Dr. Asli Yuksel MERMOD
Dr. Daniel SCIBOZ
Dr. Jeffrey SOPER

Dr. Victor YERRIS


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