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Prof. Samuel Wee – Management & Consumer Behaviour

MBU Faculty: Prof. Samuel Wee

Prof. Wee is a Corporate &  Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator with diverse and solid successful professional background, including finance & accounting, sales & marketing, international business development, strategic planning and information technology. He brings over 30 years of executive experience from the business sector and, from the United Nation and non-profit sectors.

He has held positions as Chief Financial Officer, European Financial Controller, Group Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, International Manager, Financial Planning  Reporting Manager and Strategic Planning & Production Forecasting Manager in manufacturing based US and European multinational corporations and national sales & distribution companies. He has worked across Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific regions.
Prof. Wee’s hands-on specialty is Inspiring Human Potential in individuals, teams and organizations. He is passionate about finding the true excellence in people and bringing it into their work and life.

To date, he has lectured the following courses, in undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programs: Marketing, International Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Change Management, Multicultural Management & Leadership, HR, Management, Leadership, Team Management, Individual Behavior, Interpersonal Behavior, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics/CSR/Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Accounting, Principles of Investment, Auditing, Negotiation, Business Communication, Total Quality Management, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Brand Management, Channel of Distribution & Sales Force Management, International Business, International Economics.

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