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Prof. H. Slisinska-Eckert – Cross-Cultural Communication

MBU Faculty: Hanna Slisinska-Eckert

Prof. Slisinska-Eckert holds two master degrees: one from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Lodz, Poland, specialization – applied linguistics, and from the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Geneva, specialization – adult education and research. She also studied Transactional Analysis for 4 years in Switzerland.

She conducted or participated in various cross-cultural research studies in Geneva. Since 2004 she has provided customized cross-cultural coaching sessions for international assignees, relocating to Switzerland and other countries, at numerous multinational companies, in Geneva and other European cities. She has also given trainings for teachers from various Institutions for Adult Education in Geneva. In 2001-2003 she worked as a student advisor in a business school.

Prof. Slisinska-Eckert has a dual nationality, Polish and Swiss and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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