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Dr. Winfried Boeing – Dean

MBU Dean: Dr. Boeing


Since over 15 years Dr. Boeing is engaged with and committed to the leading private Universities in Switzerland, and is now Dean of Montreux Business University, MBU.

Dr. Boeing holds a Master degree in Business Administration followed by a Ph.D. – Magna Cum Laude – from the University of Cologne, Germany. His expertise lies in international audits, setting up and hardening of Global Financial Systems. His tenure in Airline Management, Start-ups & Travel companies is well known.

Dr. Boeing started working as a consultant, software developer, and Assistant Professor of the University of Cologne. For several years he worked as Project Leader for the European ESPRIT initiative, which helped to develop smart card standards, highly secure IT systems and last-but not least laid the foundation to today’s HD-TV standards.

His professional career in aviation was with Lufthansa German Airlines, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Geneva, and several start-ups including Private Jet aviation. IATA had appointed him Head of Finance and Chief Auditor, a position with a responsibility securing several hundreds of billion US$ p.a. in cash settlements. Passing the millennium he took on board appointments of start-ups and had jobs in General Management, Finance, and IT. His companies and start-ups were usually dealing with innovative systems and technology for the future, giving him the reputation of a serial forward-looking entrepreneur.

Already in 1999, he was getting involved in ICANN’s program for new generic Top-Level Internet domains, with new domain endings releasing just now. Over the past years, he acquired expertise in Social Media, VR/AR, Immersive and Online Learning, which is only a consequence of his deep technical understanding and academic background, letting him supporting and developing those new technologies. He calls his forward-looking attitude “evolution of life”.

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