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Dr. Asli Yüksel Mermod – Finance & Marketing

MBU Faculty: Dr. Asli Yuksel Mermod

Dr. Asli Yüksel Mermod studied Economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre) at Konstanz University in Germany and graduated from Marmara University. She is a Professor of Finance, her research areas cover Bank Management, CSR, Socially Responsible Investing, Ethical Finance, Brand Equity, Electronic Finance and Financial Services Marketing. She teaches International Banking, International Finance, Project Finance, Bank Management, Investments and Banking, Principles of Finance and Financial Markets and Institutions courses for undergraduates and Bank Funds Management, Project Finance and Management, Risk management in Banking for MBA, Ph.D. and Executive MBA classes. She has published books about Bank Management, Service Marketing, Brands and Measuring Brands’ Equity, Electronic Banking and Risks in different countries like Germany, UK and Turkey. She published many articles in various finance journals. Her latest book is called Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Business World (2013) and People, Planet and Profit (2014).

Besides her research and teaching responsibilities, Dr. Mermod has been actively taking part in administration at Marmara University. She had been working as Vice Director of Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences and as Erasmus-Sokrates Programme Coordinator for post graduates. She has key positions in some international scientific conference organizations in terms of organization and scientific committee membership, board of referees and she takes part in some new book projects about CSR with esteemed academicians from all over the world. She has been working at Marmara University – Business Administration department for nearly 18 years and also worked as adjunct faculty for Bahcesehir University(BAU), Webster University in Geneva and Montreux Business School in Montreux.

Selected Publications:

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Mermod .A.Y. 2011, Six important headlines for banking in the future, September-October 2011, Vol:18, ISSN:1306-5077, PSM, Payments System Magazine, 48-49. www.psmag.com





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