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Executives in Residence

MBU maintains a list of successful entrepreneurs and outstanding personalities, who reside as “Executives in Residence” or are appointed Ambassadors of MBU. The group consists of professionals as the former CFO of Apple, the Group Chairman of SOFGEN, the CEO of PrivatAir, partners from Deloitte and Audiconsult, Caterpillar Legal Cousel, Credit Suisse Private Banker, in addition to further exceptional business owners or CEOs. All of them are respected leaders and function as student talent coaches. The MBU Executives in Residence are recognized as global players in their fields and are available for the students at MBU to help them with their projects, work, and education. Those professionals further give seminars and lectures at MBU. Contemporary, outstanding and supportive of our mission and vision, MBU is grateful for this support.

Among the first of its kind having this type of relationship with practitioners was Columbia Business School, when it was founded nearly four decades ago. The Executives in Residence Program at MBU also integrates senior executives into the life of the School. A hallmark of the program is one-on-one counseling sessions in which executives advise students on their prospective career choices. Retired or semi-retired, these seasoned leaders also teach classes, participate in student-run conferences, and organize informal lunches for groups of students with common interests, among many other activities.

MBU Executives in Residence: Torsten Bartsch
MBU Executives in Residence: Sunil Chadda
MBU Executives in Residence: Alexander L. Dembitz
MBU Executives in Residence: Antonio Gomes de Menezes
MBU Executives in Residence: Goeorges Guyon de Chemilly
MBU Executives in Residence: Dr. Martin Kirchner
MBU Executives in Residence: Joseph Reidweg
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