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16 Jun

Why study business?

Year after year, there are more and more students graduating with degrees in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Business Administration and etc. What makes business education so critically important and in high demanded nowadays? What drives people all around the world to pursue business education? The answer is simple. Business education is essential these days because it is a combination of theory and practice at the same time. Moreover, it is very dynamic and flexible to the world changes and needs. And, finally, fundamentals of business education are important in a wide range of our activities: starting from working in any of the departments of multinational and national companies to opening your own — be it a grocery store, clinic or a hotel.

Business education programs build not only strong theoretical foundation but also practical skills. In majority, all of the professors, just like at the Montreux Business University, have a very broad professional background. They have worked for international organisations, for multinational companies or have run their own companies — some still do that, aside from being educators. Therefore, professors in business education have a lot to share with their students, a lot to advice, to tell, to explain. Furthermore, some of the subjects taught in business schools such as critical thinking, problem solving, environmental sustainability, corporate ethics, and others are highly important to know and understand in the 21st century. There are no doubts that with no experience but only with a diploma it will be very hard to find the dream job. But that is the advantage of business education: you get theoretical knowledge, and, also, you get practical experience by learning from your professors’ backgrounds, by solving real-scenario case studies, by completing classes and by doing interactive projects.

In our era of globalization and technological breakthrough, business world, industries and the world in general are changing. In these terms, business education is fascinating since it is innovative, flexible and being kept up to date. Introducing new technologies for education, discovering innovating ways of learning things, developing programs, updating materials and publications, inventing new areas and subjects of business — all indicates that business education is essential for rapidly changing world.

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur and run your own business, or you want to build up your career in big multinational company, or in international organisation — you will definitely need business fundamentals. Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates study how to calculate costs and revenues, what is employee retention, how to market products, what is marketing plan or balance sheet, why corporate social responsibility is so essential nowadays, what is the strategy and how to choose the best one, etc. All the knowledge and experience gained during your years at university will definitely be used in their future careers. Even though you are planning to work in finance, you will definitely need some basic knowledge of marketing or HR because you will need to understand why, for example, marketing department is asking you to increase a budget for the campaign and why this campaign is so critically important. Having a diploma of Business Education and, what is more important, having theoretical knowledge and practical experience in business, in all different areas of business will help you to start and develop your career in any of spheres you choose.

All in all, business education is very essential, comprehensive, innovative area of studies. Who knows, maybe already today or in one week there will be a new emerging subject in a business according to the changing world. If you are ready to start your path in business education, or would like to continue, or maybe you have studied something else aside from business – MBU Montreux Business University is happy to help you achieve your goals! Just send us an email to admissions@mbuniversity.ch

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