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BSc – Bachelor of Science

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Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration

Bachelor of Science degree is the first step into your academic path and career in business. In the modern world, to be a highly successful business leader, you need to be able to understand every aspect of business, which comprise such elements as finance, marketing and human resources management.

In order to respond to these needs, MBU – Montreux Business University, designed Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration program, that will help our students to master business competencies and human behavior, understand the value of learning about current topics from professors who bring their real-world practical experience into the classroom and prepare them to be the global leaders of tomorrow.

With our holistic approach, Montreux Business University’s Bachelor degrees are designed to teach students a different type of business education focused on the whole human being.


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Duration: 3 years (9 semesters)
Credits: 120 US credits / 180 ECTS

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business Administration

Intakes: September / January / April
Program taught in: English
Diploma: Internationally recognized ACBSP accredited Bachelor diploma

Program Details

Program Pathway
Students in the BSc program have the opportunity to choose one of the following concentrations in the final semester of their studies:
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business Administration

Program Goals
This program aspires to foster the holistic development of the MBU student in business and human-centered skills. Its overall educational aims satisfy the International Standards for Bachelor awards in Business and Management:

  • To provide students with an in-depth understanding of what is involved in managing organizations in the contemporary context and to offer opportunities to develop expertise in a chosen management specialism;
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in business and management;
  • To encourage and facilitate critical, analytical thinking by students as a vital foundation for subsequent academic study, employment, professional and personal development and participation in society;
  • To enable students to acquire the personal and key skills they need to develop as autonomous and reflective individuals with the capacity to continue learning.

Learning Objectives
Upon the successful completion of the program an MBU graduate should demonstrate the following knowledge and skills and will be able to:

  • Research and analyze the global business environment and gain a good understanding of the innovative and creative processes of management;
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of business;
  • Have the ability to effectively communicate various business concepts;
  • Critically analyze quantitative data to improve problem solving skills;
  • Successfully use the following skills, which are necessary in order to be successful in business: decision making, strategic formation, leadership and people management.

Students registered on the BSc in International Business Administration program follow a common first and second year, with the opportunity to specialize in year three.

Study Abroad Trip
Once a year, we organize a study-abroad trip for final year Bachelor students to one of our partner universities

Students have the opportunity to meet other students from more than 17 different nationalities with over 100 participants for a special management training focused on real life case studies and activities which involve leadership, creativity, finance, marketing and management tools.

Curriculum Guidelines
Cultural Studies International Trade Corporate Finance
Introduction to Microeconomics Global Internet Marketing & Social Media Business Simulation Game
Principles of Management Introduction to Statistics Developing Talent
Principles of Marketing Psychology Portfolio Management
Introduction to Macroeconomics Human Resources Management Financial Statement Analysis
Business Communications E-Commerce & E-Business Management Accounting
Business Information International Relations Money & Banking
Principles of Accounting I Principles of Finance II Risk Management
Principles of Finance I Principles of Accounting II Advertising & Promotion
Environmental Sustainability Strategic Management Brand Management
Ethics & Social Responsibility Web Applications Consumer Behavior
Computer Applications Entrepreneurship Performance Management
Presentation & Rhetorical Skills HR Information Systems & Analytics
Facilitating Effective Employee Relations
Building Effective Teams

International Business Administration

The concentration in International Business Administration provides the students with maximum optionality, enabling them to maintain a broad-spectrum approach to their studies. This major offers a broad, analytical and comprehensive understanding of the complexities of business and management in a global environment.

Throughout the last year of their studies, our Bachelor level students have the opportunity to choose electives from any of the three concentrations we offer at the Montreux Business University. The students have to have a minimum of three electives of one of the offered pathways in order to have a concentration. If the students do not have the minimum of three electives from one pathway, they will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration, which is the generic pathway.


This pathway provides an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and issues surrounding the area of finance, including portfolio management, financial decision making and management accounting from an international perspective. This concentration offers a significant understanding of contemporary theories relating to the context in which financial management is situated, including the business entity, capital markets and the legal framework.


This concentration offers a thorough comprehension of the key marketing concepts and issues in a local and global context, including brand management, market positioning, advertising, promotion, sustainability and e-commerce. Our Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing offers a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental marketing issues, including the dynamic interaction between market resources, customers, brand management, communication technologies and the ability to formulate innovative and ethical polices and strategies.

Human Resources Management

This Bachelor of Science diploma with concentration in HRM combines a focus on the area of human resource management, including the strategic and functional aspects of recruitment, staff development and management of change. This concentration offers a systematic understanding of theoretical frameworks associated with human resources management and the ability to critically evaluate and apply concepts within dynamic organizations. Montreux Business University is one of the key leaders in the Swiss Riviera Region offering high-quality human resources education thanks to its Center for HRM.

Admission Requirements

  • Completed and signed application form
  • English language proficiency test

Since English is the language of instruction at MBU, applicants whose first language is not English must take an English language proficiency test.

Students with insufficient knowledge of the language must take intensive English courses at the MBU Language Studies Center until they meet the English language proficiency requirements for admission. Students will be charged additional fees for these ESL courses.

  • High School Diploma and Official Transcript
    IB diploma and certificate, A Levels and/or AP program
    SAT and advanced placement test score
    Students with other international high school diplomas will be accepted
  • One letter of recommendation from an academic source
  • Letter of intent (500 words minimum)
  • CV
  • Scanned copy of passport

MBU offers Intensive Foundation programs (business preparation courses + intensive english if required).

Minimum age: 17

How to apply?

  • Send us an e-mail to admissions@mbuniversity.ch
  • If you need assistance, have any questions or require additional information, send us an e-mail to admissions@mbuniversity.ch

After you have sent all of your application documents to MBU, you will get an answer from the Admissions Department within a week.

We strongly advise you to send your applications as soon as possible in order to ensure your space at MBU.

Visa Procedure
Once your application has been approved by the Admissions Department of MBU, as well as the Dean, we will send you a scanned copy of your acceptance letter and the invoice.

After receiving your proof of payment, we will send the original acceptance letter to the Embassy of Switzerland in your country and we will let you know. You would have to make an appointment at the embassy as soon as possible.

The visa procedure can take from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your country of origin, therefore we strongly advise you to apply way ahead of the start of the semesters.

Transfer Students

Undergraduate students wishing to transfer from a recognized university or college may apply like any other student by providing all the documents listed in the admissions requirements.

They will then be evaluated for a transfer of credits and must have a GPA score of 2.0 minimum and no grades below 75%. MBU will allow a total of up to 36 credits of other business courses and general education in order to accept a transfer student. Please contact us for more information.

In order for MBU to be able to accept the credits of transfer students they need to:
  • come from an accredited school
  • the transfer courses must match the module descriptions between the two universities
  • the university from which a student is transferring must provide MBU with the module descriptions; MBU will then review the module description in order to see if they match the MBU curriculum so as to accept the credit transfer for the student

Therefore, we kindly ask students to send all their transcripts to the academic department together with the rest of the requirements for admissions.

Corporate Visits & Seminars
As part of the curriculum, MBU organizes corporate visits to multinational companies together with seminars given by prominent guest speakers which will provide students valuable hands-on experience, as well as professional guidance.

The corporate visits and seminars will enable students to earn credits and see by themselves how to apply the business theory they learn in class in the business world by being on-site, meeting business professionals from different sectors and interacting with them. It is also a unique opportunity to build a network of contacts and help students see and realize in which sector they want to develop their career.

At MBU, global education has been integrated into the curriculum. Therefore, MBU students can participate in an array of global education programs such as the international students exchange program, which will enrich their learning experience at university and help them build lifetime relationships.
Thanks to our international cooperation with other universities, our students have a choice to go and study in their final year of Bachelor’s degree at one of the following universities:

Academic & Career Advising
At Montreux Business University, we care about your future career! That is why we provide a vast variety of academic and career advising services to counsel and guide you during your studies at MBU, as well as after you graduate.
  • Discuss your academic progress with you;
  • Help you define your career goals;
  • Based on your strengths and weaknesses, find appropriate career opportunities.

As an MBU student, you will become a lifelong member of the MBU Alumni Network, which will give you the right to benefit from any alumni mentoring programs, while keeping you connected and involved with your university.

Our housing service helps students find a furnished apartment in Montreux or its surrounding areas. The monthly rent for a furnished studio varies between 1’200 and 1’900 Swiss francs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further assistance.

Students’ Experience

MBU can give me a lot of opportunities to become a well-qualified manager. I believe MBU will change me to the best I can be!Alexander Filimonenko (Russia), BSc Class of 2015

Students don’t feel lonely here at MBU, even if our hometowns are thousands of kilometers away, MBU is like one big family!

Danel Zharmenova, BSc Class of 2012

Tuition Fees

EU and Swiss       Citizens International Students
CHF 18’000 / year



CHF 24’000 / year



Our BSc tuition fees include:

  • Administration fees
  • Visa fees
  • Study abroad trip – tuition fees
  • MBU special events
  • an advance payment of CHF 2’000 which will be deducted from the first years’ fee

Additional Fees:

  • Application fee (CHF 150)
  • Health insurance (CHF 1’000 – required)
  • Textbooks and e-books (CHF 800 – optional)

MBU seeks to have well-qualified students and will offer up to CHF 7,500 to support excelling students in their final year of studies with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above.

Student loans
Students can apply for different loans available in their own countries and are eligible to apply for their studies at MBU. American students can also apply for a Stafford Loan Program.

Tuition payment policy
Full payment of the tuition fees is due upon receipt of the acceptance letter and invoice and prior to the student’s appointment at the Embassy.

For all EU and Swiss citizens: tuition fees are to be paid in full upon receipt of the invoice.

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